Thank Goodness for Super Glue

I usually wear glasses on my days off from work, unless I have to go somewhere and don’t want to mess with pushing my glasses up a billion times. So, there I was a couple days ago minding my own business getting ready to go to the grocery store. I had my glasses on because I was off work. They felt a little too loose, so I was going to gently bend them (I have done this before with no problem) so they would fit a little more snuggly. That didn’t work out so well (as you can see in the picture above where the little crack is).  I heard a crack, then my lense flew into the air and landed on the floor.  The only way I could think of to fix them was super glue because masking tape wouldn’t have fit with the lense in that spot.  Luckily, I think it worked.  Needless-to-say, I had to wear my contacts to the grocery store because the glue needed to dry.  Grrrrr!

So after the grocery store, I worked on making more jewelry.  I now have 35 items in my Etsy store and have made a set with earrings, bracelet, and pendant for the woman I work with.  20160325_201024.jpgShe is also going to have me wrap some stones with wire since she hasn’t found anyone until now who can do that.  I can’t wait until she sees this set.  I love doing this!


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