Guess What Came in the Mail Today?

You’ll never guess what came in the mail today–the banner I am going to use for craft shows!


I’m getting a little nervous because the first craft show is just over four weeks away (yes, I decided to do a show on May 7 from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Bartholomew County fairgrounds).  I’m getting more supplies in every day, and I’m diligently working on more jewelry each day; but I’m afraid I won’t have enough inventory to bring the people to me.  If nothing else, this first show will be a learning experience.  I have decided to find a smaller show for June because I’m afraid the one on Southport will be too big for me for this year.  That will be a goal for me for next year.

My eleven-year-old has decided that he wants to help me at the May craft show.  I hope he knows what he is getting himself into.  I definitely can use his help, especially since he has been here every step of the way with starting this business and knows the process of making each type of jewelry.  I think he will definitely be an asset!

Well, I must go to the grocery store.  Then, make dinner, load the dishwasher, and make more jewelry.  TTFN!


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