Danger is My Middle Name

I took the night off of making jewelry so that we could work on how the tables are going to look for next month’s craft show.  We had several sticks and branches in our car trunk that the boys have “collected” over the last couple years, so I brought them into the house to see if we could use them for displaying jewelry.  I took two of the longer sticks/branches and crossed them over each other, then my oldest son and I attached them together with screws. We are going to use them for displaying necklaces.
100_1720 100_1724

I also got the idea to take some smaller forked sticks and drill holes in a couple planks of wood that we had left over from a 4-H project a couple tears ago.
I’m just not sure how to finish this display.  Should I paint the planks, and if so, what color/design; or should I cover the planks with some kind of material?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Now on to the “danger” part…  While sawing one of the sticks so it wouldn’t be so long, the saw slipped and cut two of my fingers.  My youngest son started flipping out because there was blood dripping from my hand; my oldest just sat on the couch (he’s used to me hurting myself while doing projects).  I poured peroxide on the cuts and put Bandaids on them.
100_1733 All better!!  Now to get ready for bed.



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