Where Are You?

Sorry I’ve been missing for the last couple weeks.  I’ve been frantically working on things for this upcoming event and getting things rolling so I can have a booth at the Monroe County Fair at the end of July.

I have been creating.

Various Necklaces

And epicly failing.

Scrap Sterling Silver Wire

And creating for a co-worker.

Baby Jack Earrings

And brainstorming displays.

Branch That I Took the Barked Off of and Sanded

I probably won’t do a show in June (depends on how much I sell on May 7).  This will give me time to improve my displays and make enough product (hopefully) for the fair.  I may have time each morning before I get to my booth area, but I certainly won’t when I get home each night.  I am going to take the week off of work (I may work a couple mornings to help out), but the commercial building is open from 12 – 10 p.m. each day of the fair.  I probably won’t get home until 11 by the time I take down all the product and get out of there.  So, the only time I will be able to make more items is in the morning.

Speaking of the fair, you know they require a liability insurance certificate from your company in order to have a booth there?  So, I have to get all official and what-not.  As soon as the Secretary of State approves it, I will own Adventurous Moose, LLC.  Then I have to get an insurance policy so I can get that certificate.  Grrrrr.  Now I’m going to HAVE to separate EVERY bit of money that comes in and goes out and do proper accounting for the company.  Oh well, it was on my to-do list anyway.  I was just procrastinating and trying to wait until the winter when I will have more time (except for being in the middle of another year of homeschooling).

Well, I’m off to run the dishwasher, pull laundry out of the dryer (from yesterday morning), and get back to creating.  I probably won’t post until after the May 7 craft fair (unless something comes up).  Hope to see you there (at the Bartholomew County Fairgrounds in Columbus, IN) between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.  I’ll post pictures after.  Bye for now.


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