First Event Down


That’s my set-up at the event yesterday.  We had maybe twenty people come through the building we were in, and we were placed two booths away from a Paparazzi jewelry representative.  If you haven’t heard of Paparazzi before, it’s cheap jewelry at cheap prices.  But, like I said when I decided to do this event, it was a learning experience.  We got one sale out of the four hours that the event was open.

I was able to change my set-up a few times so I could figure out what I liked the best.  If we had been busier, I wouldn’t have been able to do that.  I also was able to re-evaluate some of the displays I have on the tables.  I’m not sure I like how the bracelets hang from the branch displays (all three of them).  I also am considering separating the themed jewelry from the wrapped geode and rock jewelry, as well as putting all pieces from one theme together instead of having necklaces in one spot, bracelets in another, and earrings in yet another.

Apparently, there were a few factors that caused there to be very few people attending the event.  One was IU’s graduation.  Others were road construction on most routes to the event and the weather.  Some vendors weren’t even able to make it to the event (others left when the heavy rain started).  I can understand the vendors who had outdoor spots leaving early, but those of us that had indoor spots should have stayed.  I figure if I paid for the spot for that amount of time, I’m going to wait it out.

I did get lots of compliments on my items, so I figure if we had more attendees (and wasn’t next to a direct sales jewelry vendor), I would have definitely had more sales.  I’m going to try only attending events that are for crafters–no direct sales companies.  At least I have enough inventory to try a June event.

Now it’s just a matter of getting a Saturday in June approved for a vacation day.  Our store’s annual inventory is in June, so they may not approve it.  I will just have to call in that day–I will let my cash office co-workers know my plans and take the point for a call in.  It’s not like I ever call in–I mean, very rarely.  I usually only call in for emergencies, so I’m sure one absence will be fine.

Well, it’s off to work I go.  Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there (of two, four, and other legged kids)!



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