My name is Kim, and I am the single mom of two awesome boys (soon to be ages 11 and 12).  I wasn’t always single, so it was quite an adjustment when my husband walked out on us six years ago.

I used to be an office manager/controller for construction companies in Arizona.  My ex and I (before he was my ex) decided that I was going to give up my career to stay home with our boys and homeschool them.  I truly believe this was the best decision I ever made (even after he left and my life became very tumultuous).  When I was working full time, my focus was always on making more money; now I focus on spending time with my boys, educating them, and being happy.  Once I was out of the rat race, I could see what really mattered in life.  It’s not working your butt off for someone else so they can make money; then spending your money so someone else can make money.  It’s taking care of your family, following God, and being happy with what you have.

My position was recently replaced by a machine in the cash office at a Walmart supercenter.  I took a customer service manager position when that happened, but I don’t know if my health conditions are going to prevent me from staying in this position.  If I got an office job, I would have to sit for long periods of time (which is hard on my back); other jobs require standing for long periods of time or walking a lot or heavy lifting.  I started a jewelry-making business with the same name as this blog with the hope of growing this business so I don’t have to work for someone else.  My boys and I create unique themed jewelry and keychains.


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