I Can Do This

I still only have 27 items on Etsy, but I have sold a couple to local people. I think my best customer is going to be a woman I work with who likes big flashy jewelry. I love that woman! She has been through a lot the last few years, but she still pushes on and keeps moving. She’s going to be my inspiration.

One of my boys (my geode cracker) opened a few small geodes last night–one had what looks like pyrite (fool’s gold) and crystals, and two others had druzy centers. Druzy is the really sparkly white center of some geodes. Very beautiful! If I had the proper tools or equipment, I could neatly slice those geodes into thin layers and make earrings or multiple necklaces. For now, I’ll stick to wrapping them in silver wire for pendants (or hanging onto the larger ones).

I have so many ideas for jewelry, just not enough time in the day to get everything done and put my ideas into creations. It’s kind-of aggravating, but at least I know I won’t be bored any time soon! I love that I can create something, then ask my boys what they think of it. They give me their honest opinions, which really helps. If they don’t think something looks good, I take it apart and start over. Sometimes they even give me ideas on how to make something better. I love getting them involved in the process.

Well, I have to run (okay drive) to work. After work I have to make chore charts and a meal plan for this week. Then I have to re-do the load of laundry I just remembered is in the washing machine and fill the dishwasher. Then, if there is time left, I will create some more jewelry. I can do this!


Slow, but sure!

I officially have 27 items in my Etsy shop! That’s really not that much inventory, but it’s getting there. I am loving the whole process–thinking up a design or picking out stones or crystals, then using my ideas to create interesting jewelry. It’s so much fun! I would really like to do this full time (in addition to homeschooling my boys), but I have to build up a customer base before I will be making enough money to quit my day job.

I feel like the tortoise–moving slowly, one step at a time. That’s how he won the race, and that’s how I will, too! Keep calm and carry on!

I’m exhausted!

Starting a new business takes a lot of time and energy–something I don’t really have with working thirty-six hours a week and homeschooling my boys.  Somehow, though, I have managed to get an Etsy shop opened and stocked with a small amount of items (22 to be exact).  My eleven-year-old has made a few bracelets and earrings, so that has helped tremendously.  We are in the process of making extra stock of a few bracelet and earring styles so I can start selling them at craft shows.  I can’t wait to see if they are as popular as they seem to be on Etsy (based on the views and favorites I have been receiving).

The only issue I am going to have with doing craft shows is that they are on weekends–when I work.  Luckily, I have a couple weeks worth of vacation time.  I can use some of that to take days off for craft shows.

I really hope this business takes off because I love thinking up new designs and creating jewelry with those designs.  It has been an exhausting couple weeks, but I think it will be worth it in the end.